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Performance / Customization

Although Martin’s is not a full speed shop, we are a performance facility, car enthusiasts at heart and love to modify and personalize vehicles to match your personality! Check out just a few of the options below we can help with, but we can help with so much more. Call today!


Martin’s has partnered with the industry’s best supercharger manufactures to take care of any application. if you already have a system we’ll be happy to look at your application and supercharger kit for installation. Currently we do not have an onsite Dyno, so installations must come with base tune for installation. Call Martin’s today for a consultation!


Here at Martin’s we can install any aftermarket exhaust system from axle, cat, or mid pipe back and also full header systems. Martin’s has also partnered with several exhaust system manufacture’s to get you the right brand and sound for your vehicle. Let us help you pick the right sound and performance for your application.


Martin’s is proud to offer Air Lift Products to our customers! whether your looking for that show stopper look or a kit to help you tow right we can help. Stop in and let us build the kit right for your needs.

“Air Lift Company has developed dependable air spring suspension products since our inception in 1949. Our original product, a rubber air spring inserted into a car factory’s coil spring, was created and patented in 1950. We’ve come a long way since 1949 and are proud to be a dedicated suspension specialist company.”


Wheels are not traditionally considered a performance modification however, it’s all about getting that power to the ground and having the right wheel to hold up to the torque! Martin’s can get any wheel your looking for on most applications. Martin’s is also an authorized dealer of several premier wheels! Stop in today and let us help pick out the perfect set for your vehicle.

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